About Hap Do Sool

“HAP” means ALL,

  “DO” means MARTIAL ART,

     “SOOL” means TECHNIQUE

HAP DO SOOL is derived from the original Ancient art forms. Our unique systems consist of kicking, punching, throwing, falling, joint manipulation and ground control techniques, which are specifically designed for self-defense.

CHA RYUK (the ability to transfer one’s complete physical strength into any part of one’s body) and YOGA are also included in this system for mental and physical discipline.

HAP DO SOOL is better defined as “the combined martial art of the advanced masters”. Grandmaster Gwak, 9th Degree Black Belt, developed this combined art.

Grandmaster Gwak is the only 9th Degree Black Belt registered by the Federal Government in Washington D.C., March 14th, 1977. Grandmaster Gwak is one of only 10 9th Degree Black Belt holders in the world and has achieved his degree through 62 years of dedicated training (four of which were spent in retreat in the Chung Song mountains in Korea for the purpose of meditating on consolidating the Martial Arts into their original form.) As a result, he has combined all the techniques of martial art into one concise teaching method that will lead students through a series of belts to physical, mental and spiritual coordination. 


Children (5-12 years)

Children develop self-confidence. Through self-confidence, a strong character and a positive attitude is achieved. The children also learn to focus and direct their positive attitude towards their family, academics, and friends.

Young Adults (13-18 years)

Young adults develop self-confidence, mental discipline, and integrity. Through self-confidence, young adults are able to avoid peer pressure, which has become the largest problem in adolescence today. Mental discipline prepares young adults for the added pressures of adulthood. Integrity builds the character in our youths, who in turn become the foundation of our society.

Adults (19 years and older)

Adults develop self-confidence, mental discipline, and mental improvement. Self-confidence allows adults to be more assertive in life. Mental discipline allows adults to deal with stress and pressure. Mental improvement develops martial art theories and concepts, allowing for unlimited progress in their daily lives.